Ragdoll Slash is my 4th game and is currently under development.

It's a casual game that targets mobiles only.

The player slashes ropes at which ragdolls are attached to gain points but they must pay attention not to slash yellow ropes otherwise they'll lose a life!


The main concept of the game is already implemented: slash the ragdolls with the white rope to gain points but watch out! They will disappear after a short time and if you miss one you'll lose a life! You have 3 lives and another way to lose one is by cutting a yellow rope. Sometimes a rare blue-colored bonus ragdoll appears, make sure to slash it because a lot of rapid ragdolls will come up and you won't lose a life if they get away so slash 'em all!

There's a an experience-based leveling system. The greater a match score the greater the exp you gain and you can gain additional exp by completing objectives!

Objectives (still in development but mostly working): complete a task like slashing 10 specific ragdolls to gain an exp reward!


Integrating coins into the game that can be used to get new colors for the slash line and new match backgrounds!

Add new types of ragdolls that give bonuses or maluses when slashed!

Integrating a monetization system based on ads and micro-transactions that will give you the possibility to start a match with bonuses.